This Sunburnt Country Will Continue to Bake

Concrete Batteries

Water… We All Need It

At any given time, there is about the same amount of water on the Earth. It never changes much. Water has a brilliant way of remaining in a constant cycle. Firstly, water evaporation from the ocean occurs (wind, heat, humidity), and the evaporated percentage travels through the air, before ...

Almost as sure as the Sun coming up – the wind will continue to blow!

Wind power is an ever-growing source of renewable energy. To continue to meet this demand, Danterr, in partnership with several major renewable energy infrastructure projects, are working tirelessly to meet this demand and ensure a clean energy future for Australia. As residential wind power ...

Repelling Force

For tens of thousands of years, humans have been a species of bridge builders and have engineered structures designed to surmount seemingly insurmountable things. From a felled tree across a stream, to critically engineered cable-stay bridges across deep and uneven valleys in alpine regions

Dig… Bore… Tunnel!

The first week of December is International Tunnel week, so at Danterr, we put our heads together, did a bit of research, and here is what we have come up with regarding our favourite / most inspiration tunnels ever built. Companies all over the world take inspiration from each other when trying to

8500 Years of Concrete

Concrete is a durable – we all know that. In-fact there is proof of this opening statement all over the world for anyone to see on any given day. Concrete has been around for a long time, and as such, we can see many structures that are hundreds, even thousands of years old. The remains […]

Waves in the Soup

The ocean is still there, but we are currently seeing the reign of the artificial wave – waves that surfers can actually ride, and ride for hundreds and hundreds of metres. As modern surfing is seemingly going inland, Australia has just seen the opening of its first wave pool, and Melbourne is ...

The Weight of the Earth

Entropy Every year, approx. 9 trillion kilograms of concrete is produced and formed into structures. Therefore, from the Industrial Revolution (circa 1840) around 100 trillion kilograms of concrete has been added to the earth. But does this mean that the earth is 100 trillion kilograms heavier ...

Unquantifiable Construction

The Biggest thing ever built The Great Wall of China is difficult to comprehend. It is the greatest feat of engineering in the history of mankind. For those who disagree… think about this, it is physically impossible to photograph the entire Great Wall at one time. The official length of the ...

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