• On : May 7, 2019
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...Paving Your Path to the Future

FutureFlex™ is a compressible, flexible, closed-cell polyethylene joint filler supplied in 25m coils of 10mm thickness and 12.5m – 15m of 20mm thickness.

FutureFlex™ is available in roll form of 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm high; custom heights are also available to assist in forming a slot to accept joint sealants.

The FutureFlex™ range of expansion foam comes with both adhesive and non-adhesive backing. A 10mm high perforated edge (zip) allows for easy removal of top edge once installed thus allowing for backing rod and corking.


– Non-absorbent
– Compressible
– Free of CFC
– Easily cut at any site to any length
– Recovers to original form after compression
– Futureproof – Won’t rot
– Ensures concrete pavement remains structurally integral into the future


– Concrete footpaths, pavements and roads
– All concrete excluding / retaining structures
– Below ground cellars, tunnels or basements
– Brick and block work
– Grounded / suspended concrete slabs

FutureFlex™ Expansion Foam Physical Properties For 25kg/M³ Density

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EMAIL: sales@danterr.com

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