The Tuesday Aggregate Special | JUNE 25

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Dig, Bore, Tunnel

During construction, every tunnel in the world needs Concrete Spacers; at DANTERR we are Australian leaders in the sourcing and distribution of Concrete Spacers. They come in a large variety of job-specific specifications, but we can satisfy demand for any shape or size in virtually any quantity

Learn all about our Concrete Spacers here

TUNNELS are all the rage at the minute especially in Melbourne and Sydney. When completed, Sydney Metro, Westgate Tunnel and Melbourne Metro will transport people in a way we could have only dreamed of 10 years ago. DANTERR have been intrinsically involved in all these mega-projects as demonstrated by our just-released Tunnel Capabilities step-by-step visual guide.

It was the Phrygians (google them) who worked out how to tunnel between caves safely about 3,000 years about. Nowadays we can tunnel through the mountains of the Swiss Alps, under huge bodies of water in China or in-between mega-dams in Brazil.

DANTERR are industry experts when it comes to tunneling.

See our tunnels blog here, then get inspired and give us a call regarding your tunneling needs…

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