Connolly Site Visit: A short picture story

Connolly Site Visit: A short picture story

Having built a reputation as a quality concrete accessories provider for 20+ years it would be amiss to not feature our most recent victories, triumphs, hardships and challenges. So with this, we are making a commitment to show you more of our products, in action, on site, in 2022.

A few weeks ago, we ventured on to a new housing estate to see some of our Connolly Key Joints, Futureflex, barchairs, safety caps and steel mesh on site.

The boys were working away from early in the morning and despite multiple suggestions from the marketing department, they all resisted a coffee. Showing us that a bit of fresh air can do the mind and body a world of good.

A smaller company of men we watched as a newbie on the screed and a master of his trade worked in tandem to teach and learn throughout the pour.

It did not take long for 15 meters to be poured and as the rain started to pelt down, they ran to their trucks for a long-awaited sandwich break.

Being a council job all the hard work they had just completed had to be smoothed over and vigorously checked for the puckering the rain had left.

When we visited the site again a week later the boys were setting up the next block, in the hot sun while holding on to their company bucket hats for fear they would blow away in the wind.

And the path from the week before, was just fine. No sign of puckering or change in the quality, just a stable path with a great finish -made possible with a continuous pour, with a Connolly Key Joint.

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