Product: Plastic Lined Formatube
Product description:
Formatube is a cardboard tube manufactured to be used to pour concrete columns, both above and below ground. Formatube too can be used in-ground to prevent soil collapsing when digging. Formatube is easy to use which is intended to stand upright when used as formwork for in-ground or above ground columns. The outer layer of formatube is impregnated with plastic coating thus allowing water resistance. The inside is coated with an oil lining to prevent the concrete sticking to the tube and enables quick release.


  • Achieves a smoother, Class 1 surface finish on concrete columns
  • Ensures a lower overall tube weight
  • Minimises the appearance of the vertical seam
  • Allows for easier removal after the pour


Product CodeDescription
116884Formatube 150mm x 4000mm
116885Formatube 200mm x 4000mm
116886Formatube 250mm x 4000mm
116887Formatube 300mm x 4000mm
116888Formatube 350mm x 4000mm
116889Formatube 400mm x 4000mm
106324Formatube 450mm x 4000mm
111631Formatube 500mm x 4000mm
116890Formatube 550mm x 4000mm
116891Formatube 600mm x 4000mm
116892Formatube 660mm x 4000mm
116893Formatube 700mm x 4000mm
111878Formatube 750mm x 4000mm
116894Formatube 800mm x 4000mm
116822Formatube 900mm x 4000mm
116895Formatube 1000mm x 4000mm
116823Formatube 1200mm x 4000mm