Water Based XDS Curing Compound

Water Based Curing Compound

Product: EVENCURE XDS—Water based Curing Compound

Product Description: Evencure XDS comprises a mixture of resins and surfactants emulsified in water and is specially formulated to cure freshly laid concrete. The impervious film formed by Evencure XDS prevents excessive water evaporation, promotes efficient cement hydration, minimises shrinkage whilst increasing the overall durability of the concrete surface.


  • Encompasses no wax
  • Decreases concrete dusting
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage
  • Increased abrasion resistance
  • Eliminates the need for curing by ponded water, damp hessian or polythene sheeting
  • One coat application
  • Can be removed, if required, by ConClena (stripper / degreaser)
  • Application equipment washable in water
  • May have red fugitive dye added
  • Complies with Australian Standards AS3799
  • Achieves water retention of 90% or greater


Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
101682Evencure XDS Water Base Curing Compound 20L1
101681Evencure XDS Water Base Curing Compound 200L1
101680Evencure XDS Water Base Curing Compound 1000L1