Wax Based Curing Compound

Wax Based Curing Compound

Product: EVENCURE W30—Wax based Curing Compound

Product Description: Evencure W30 is a wax-based, sprayable curing compound formulated to cure freshly laid concrete. It is of low to medium viscosity, white pigmented emulsion of specially blended waxes. Evencure W30 meets the requirements of AS3799 for moisture preservation in liquid membrane curing compounds. After thirty to thirty-five days the continuous film formed on the concrete surface will begin to degrade due to exposure to UV light.


  • Suitable for curing all freshly laid concrete
  • Can be used as a debonding agent
  • Easily sprayed with most commonly used spraying equipment
  • Can be applied by brush, roller or broom


Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
106334Evencure W30 Wax Base Curing Compound 20L1
106335Evencure W30 Wax Base Curing Compound 200L1
106336Evencure W30 Water Base Curing Compound 1000L1