Fulaflex 650 FC

Product: Fulaflex 650 FC Sealant
Product description: Fulaflex 650FC is a powerful, high performance, 1-part hybrid moisture curing construction sealant and adhesive, which cures to form a seal that is tough, elastic and weatherproof. Fulaflex 650FC is a high modulus product, which can be used in trafficable areas such as concrete saw cuts in commercial buildings.


  • Isocyanate and solvent free
  • No shrinking, no bubbling
  • Excellent primer-less adhesion to many substrates
  • No sagging
  • High mechanical / dynamic stress resistance – Shock / Impact resistant
  • Neutral adhesive – Does not attack bonded surfaces
  • Vibration and sound-dampening properties
  • High bond strength – suited to professional and DIY, construction, marine and automotive environments
  • Excellent weathering resistance – Good colour stability and weather resistance
  • Resistant to water, dilute alkalis, cleaning agents, lime water and mould


Product CodeDescription
114810Fulaflex 650 FC Sealant 600ml