Cork Self-Expanding T3

Cork Self Expanding

Product: Cork Self-Expanding (T3) 600mm x 915mm sheets that come in thicknesses of 10mm, 12mm and 20mm.

Product description: Cork joint filler is made from cork granules that are bound together with insoluble resins and moulded into a flat board. Cork expands when met with moisture which releases built in stresses to initialize expansion, thus providing an essential, semi-rigid filler used in conjunction with a pourable or pre-formed joint sealer.



  • Resistant to outside influences like funguses and vermin
  • Resistant to weather, water, traffic, together with jet fuel and other aggressive reagents
  • Easy installation
  • Contains no bitumen
  • Expands to fill joint
  • Does not extrude from joint movement
  • Suitable for submerged surfaces or regularly trafficable areas
  • Protects from hydrostatic pressure
  • Extremely durable – maintenance free


Product CodeDescription
115271Cork Self-Expanding T3 915mm x 610mm x 10mm
113389Cork Self-Expanding T3 915mm x 610mm x 12mm
106172Cork Self-Expanding T3 915mm x 610mm x 20mm