Hex Set Screws

Product: Hex Set Screws
Product Description: Hex Set Screw resemble a Hex Head Bolt in shape. However, rather than containing a shank, a hex set screw is fully threaded. All Danterr sourced Hex Set Screws conform with all current Australian standards.


  • Excellent life cycle
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Many different sizes and finishes available


Danterr supplies Hex Set Screws in the below finishes…

Hot Dip Galvanised AS1111.2/Class 4.6 UTS/BS46GCM

Plain AS1111.2/Class 4.6 UTS/BS46PCM

Zinc Plated (RoHS Compliant) AS1111.2/Class4.6 UTS


*contact Danterr for all pricing, sizing and finishes