Qwikfoot Ferrules

Product: Qwikfoot Ferrules

Product Description:

Danterr sourced Qwikfoot Ferrules are inserts with a Qwikfoot for superior anchorage to concrete used in many precast and in-situ applications. Danterr’s Ferrules come with a cross-hole that provides a sound place for bar reinforcement and tie-on functions to achieve the prevention of reinforcement movement during any pour and subsequent vibrations.

Danterr Ferrule’s come in Zinc, Galvanized and Stainless finishes, available in a range of lengths between 50mm – 120mm and diameters of between M10 and M24.


  • Available with threads for fast connection
  • Cross-holed to fasten to reinforcement (not to increase the capacity of the insert)
  • Easily installed
  • Large diameter foot allows for full anchorage



*various sizes available. Ferrules and ferrule testing are obtained from Danterr via consultation.

Please enquire via Free Call 1800 262 383 or email sales@danterr.com 

Qwikfoot Ferrules (Zinc)

Product CodeDescription
118809Ferrules Qwikfoot M10 x 50mm Zinc
118810Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 50mm Zinc
118811Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 70mm Zinc
115025Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 96mm Zinc
118812Ferrules Qwikfoot M16 x 70mm Zinc
101754Ferrules Qwikfoot M16 x 96mm Zinc
118813Ferrules Quikfoot M20 x 70mm Zinc
118137Ferrules Qwikfoot M20 x 96mm Zinc
111483Ferrules Qwikfoot M24 x 96mm Zinc

Qwikfoot Ferrules (Galvanised)

Product CodeDescription
118814Ferrules Qwikfoot M10 x 50mm Gal
113706Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 50mm Gal
118815Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 70mm Gal
117708Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 96mm Gal
118418Ferrules Qwikfoot M16 x 70mm Gal
106078Ferrules Qwikfoot M16 x 96mm Gal
118816Ferrules Qwikfoot M20 x 70mm Gal
111330Ferrules Qwikfoot M20 x 96mm Gal
118817Ferrules Qwikfoot M20 x 120mm Gal
106616Ferrules Qwikfoot M24 x 96mm Gal

Quikfoot Ferrules (Stainless Steel)

Product CodeDescription
115235Ferrules Qwikfoot M10 x 50mm 316 S/S
118818Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 50mm 316 S/S
114744Ferrules Qwikfoot M12 x 96mm 316 S/S
115310Ferrules Qwikfoot M16 x 70mm 316 S/S
111881Ferrules Qwikfoot M16 x 96mm 316 S/S
118820Ferrules Qwikfoot M20 x 70mm 316 S/S
113403Ferrules Qwikfoot M20 x 96mm 316 S/S
113018Ferrules Qwikfoot M24 x 96mm 316 S/S