Product: Stremaform®
Product description:
Stremaform® is a self-supporting, ‘stay in place’ formwork system for forming construction joints, expansion joints and controlled crack joints in concrete. The product consists of a special expanded metal mesh which is welded to longitudinal and transverse steel bars. Tests carried out by the a fully independent authority (The Technical University of Brunswick) have proven that the shear resistance of the Stremaform’s expanded metal mesh is identical to that of monolithically poured concrete.


  • Offers significantly increased construction speed in forming stop-end formwork and concrete construction joints.
  • A dimensionally stable system.
  • Completely compatible with normal concrete techniques.
  • Designed to be used in forming joints in concrete slabs, walls and bases.
  • Comes complete with a fully detailed and design service.
  • Fully compatible with many other connection, sealing and waterproof solutions.

*custom sizes including for Stremaform Strong available with the edition of stabilising bars.

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Product CodeDescription
115323Stremaform Metal Formwork 100mm x 2400mm
117969Stremaform Metal Formwork 200mm x 2400mm
117218Stremaform Metal Formwork 250mm x 2400mm
115324Stremaform Metal Formwork 600mm x 2400mm
115135Stremaform Metal Formwork 1000mm x 2400mm