Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Product: Deformed Reinforcing Bar AS/NZS 4671 – Class N
Product description: Deformed reinforcing bar is used in a range of residential, commercial and infrastructure applications from concrete slabs to prefabricated beams, columns, cages and precast products. Deformed reinforcing bar complies with all relevant Australian standards.


⦁ Class N
⦁ Excellent strength to weight ratio
⦁ Efficient shape
⦁ Complies with associated standards
⦁ Steel has high modulus of Elasticity. This helps the steel to stretch in tension without breaking and regain its shape on removal of load.
⦁ Ductility of steel is high. i.e. Steel rebar will behave ductile under higher loads.
⦁ Steel and concrete has almost same coefficient of thermal expansion. Due to this both (concrete and steel) will experience same length changes in high temperatures.
⦁ Steel is resistant to rough conditions during transport, storage, bundling and placing on construction site.
⦁ Strong enough to withstand high impact load.
⦁ Structural Steel industry has enough production capacity to meet the demands of construction industry and is available at ease for any house construction.
⦁ Steel can be recycled easily.


A wide variety of lengths, widths and um grades available. Please enquire via Free Call: 1800 262 383 or Email:

Product CodeDescriptionStandardMass (kg/m)Length (m/t)
109605Deformed Bar 10mm x 6000mmN10S0.641558
101617Deformed Bar 12mm x 6000mmN12S0.921083
107535Deformed Bar 16mm x 6000mmN16S1.64609
101615Deformed Bar 20mm x 6000mmN20S2.56389
108365Deformed Bar 24mm x 6000mmN24S3.69271
113505Deformed Bar 28mm x 6000mmN28S5.03199
110168Deformed Bar 32mm x 6000mmN32S6.57152
116979Deformed Bar 36mm x 6000mmN36S8.31120
116980Deformed Bar 40mm x 6000mmN40S10.2697