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Fibreglass Reinforcement

Product: Fibreglass Reinforcement

Product Description: Danterr source and distribute a wide variety of Fibreglass Rebar suitable primarily for flatwork, but with applications basically anywhere traditional reo is used. Fibreglass reinforcement is a favoured option to traditional steel reo due to the fact it will never corrode, is far lighter and much easier to work with. Also, Fibreglass Reo won’t conduct electricity, so it is perfect for light rail or tram slabs

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  • Can be up to twice as strong as traditional steel reinforcement
  • Can be up to 1/7ththe weight of traditional steel reinforcement
  • Labour savings estimated at 1 man-hour per tonne of steel replaced
  • Up to 75% freight savings due to weight
  • Extended structure life as Fibreglass Reo will never corrode
  • Reduced injury; workers will carry and place 7X less weight per job, reducing repetitive lifting injuries and other bodily strain.



  • Pavements
  • Parking Lots
  • Rail, Tram and Light Rail Slabs
  • Footpaths


Danterr both import and locally source Fiberglass Reo in most traditional sizes and tensile strengths as per specific job requirements. Please contact Danterr for all dimensional, technical and price enquiries.

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