Lattice Girders – Trusses

Product: Lattice Girders – Trusses

Product Description: Lattice Girders  are three-dimensional, prefabricated reinforcing elements, designed and manufactured to meet any engineering specifications. They are made of an upper chord and two lower chords plus continuous truss wires. All elements are connected to the chords by means of electric resistance welding.

Danterr supply project specific Lattice Girders of customisable lengths, heights, bar diameters and pitch. All Danterr supplied Lattice Girders have been subjected to weld sheer testing and meet AS/NZS 4671:2001 standards. All material used is of 500N/L grade. Destructive weld testing results also available upon enquiry.


  • Secures the bonding between precast slabs and in-situ concrete in the final state
  • Load bearing capacity and serviceability of precast slab when installed
  • Spacer strip for upper reinforcing elements
  • Perfect straightness
  • Customisable
  • Designed with project specificity in mind


*Danterr supplies project specific custom Lattice Girders. All testing results are obtained from Danterr via consultation