Product: PVC Waterstop
Product description: Our PVC Waterstops range includes an extensive selection of profiles, sizes and features, to ensure all construction projects are catered for. Each product is manufactured to exceed all major international standards, so you can be assured of their quality, durability and integrity.
Long roll lengths and factory-made intersections simplify and minimise on-site fabrication requirements, saving time and money. Furthermore, internal profiles come with pre-punched eyelets for easy and secure wire tying to reinforcement. On-site welding equipment is available upon request.


  • Available in a full range of profiles and sizes to suit all construction requirements
  • Complaint to all major international standards
  • High quality compounded PVC for impressive durability and integrity
  • Capability to withstand high hydrostatic head pressures
  • Pre-formed intersections reduce on-site fabrication requirements (custom intersections also available)
  • Internal profiles come with factory pre-punched eyelets for easy fixation to reinforcement
  • On-site welding equipment is available upon request


Contact us for detailed product capability and specification reports.



Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
106905Waterstop PVC Expansion Centerbulb 150mm x 20m CJ9511
107065Waterstop PVC Expansion Centerbulb 200mm x 20m CJ9521
105852Waterstop PVC Expansion Centerbulb 250mm x 15m CJ9531
109487Waterstop PVC Expansion Centerbulb 320mm x 12m CJ9541
105095Waterstop PVC Expansion Rearguard With Web 150mm x 20m CJ9231
112182Waterstop PVC Expansion Rearguard With Web 200mm x 20m CJ9241
105853Waterstop PVC Expansion Rearguard With Web 250mm x 15m CJ9251
110117Waterstop PVC Expansion Rearguard With Web 320mm x 12m CJ9261


Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
112183Waterstop PVC Construction Without Centerbulb 150mm x 20m CJ9551
112184Waterstop PVC Construction Without Centerbulb 200mm x 20m CJ9561
112185Waterstop PVC Construction Without Centerbulb 250mm x 15m CJ9571
112186Waterstop PVC Construction Without Centerbulb 320mm x 12m CJ9581
105158Waterstop PVC Construction Rearguard 150mm x 20m CJ9271
112187Waterstop PVC Construction Rearguard 200mm x 20m CJ9281
109305Waterstop PVC Construction Rearguard 250mm x 15m CJ9291
109988Waterstop PVC Construction Rearguard 320mm x 12m CJ9301