Product: TX-100
Product description: TX-100 PVC Waterstop is a specialist profile, designed specifically for construction and expansion joints between an existing and new structure. Its innovative design allows the TX-100 to accommodate large shifts; including lateral, longitudinal and differential movement, and those caused by thermal fluctuations and serviceability loads within the structure. Manufactured from 100% virgin PVC compound only, the durability and integrity over time is maximised as no scrap or recycled PVCs are used.


  • Can be utilised where traditional PVC Waterstops cannot be placed
  • Innovative design accommodates large movements in expansion/isolation joints
  • Longitudinal, lateral and differential movements are all tolerated
  • Waterstops the joint even under expansion and contraction conditions caused by thermal fluctuations and serviceability loads from within the structure
  • Manufactured solely from 100% new PVC material to maximise long-term integrity and durability
  • Custom sizes available on request


Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
107829Waterstop PVC TX-100 x 4.0m1