World of Concrete 2020

World of Concrete 2020

Laura Vaughan and Zeb Armstrong – Australia – Summer 2020 on behalf of Danterr

It is 2020, and as part of our growth as a company, we have decided it is time to head to the biggest concrete exhibition on planet earth – World of Concrete 2020.

And where will this industry-changing exhibition take place… Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada. Danterr are sending two representatives to WOC 2020 as to scope out the best, greenest and most revolutionary concrete products that can be injected into the Australian market. We are heading to World of Concrete 2020 for ideas, inspiration and to show that Danterr belong on the world stage. With our unique product list already including the likes of Nevosafe™, Vectorfill™, FutureFlex™ and VoidX™, we certainly know what is appreciated in the Australian market.

While there is a landslide of enthusiasm world-wide for us as a civilisation to start making the move from fossil fuels to greener technology – there is no move away from concrete predicted in the near future. More and more people are moving to cities and urban infrastructure can’t at this stage be more efficiently built than with the use of concrete. Click here for a great short film regarding the growth of cities. And it turns out as well as being the 2nd most used substance on earth, concrete is green enough to be sustainable (to a limit) in an everchanging world. One green initiative just getting started is the development of concrete to build urban homes that is made out of waste from coal fire waste – stay tuned to  for more on this!

In the time it taken for your espresso to be poured this morning, the amount of concrete added to planet earth equates to about 7,000,000 pots of beer – for reasons why this doesn’t change the mass of the earth, please click here. By the time you are halfway through our blog, the volume of concrete poured would fill Rod Laver Arena where the Australian Open Tennis is held. In a day there is enough concrete poured to rebuild China’s Three Gorges Dam which is the 2nd heaviest thing ever constructed after the Great Wall of China. In a single year, there enough concrete poured to cover over every hill, dale, nook and cranny in England which mightn’t be a bad idea, hadn’t we (Australia) just won the Ashes over there (wink wink – #stevesmith)! Speaking of England… thanks to The Guardian for the above stats.

Concrete is the foundation of most modern construction, putting roofs over the heads of billions, as well as giving us half a chance against ever increasing natural disasters – not to mention providing the base for healthcare, education, transport, energy and industry. All concrete needs formwork, chemicals, joints, reinforcing and smoothing. Danterr are going to Vegas to explore options how to do this better, greener and cheaper for the Australian market. Concrete is how we try to tame nature and live comfortably; and with Danterr’s venturing to World of Concrete 2020, we are going to learn just how far we can propel Australia into the future.

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