Product: Sandbags

Product Description: Danterr Sandbags, both empty and full, are a low cost, rapid deploy flood and erosion solution. Our bags are designed to protect construction sites and property from heavy rain, flash flooding and mudslides. Danterr Sandbags are versatile and suitable for many different applications including security barriers and storm-water control.

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Product Code Description
104230 Sandbag (empty) Hessian 33 x 14″

Product Code Description
107610 Sandbag Woven Green (empty) 300mm x 1000mm

Product Code Description
113322 Sandbag Hessian (filled)

Product Code Description
115228 Sandbag Slimline Woven Green (filled)


  • Non-shrink dual expansion
  • Designed for applications subject to dynamic loads and where continuous vibration is present
  • Heavy duty support
  • Rapid reinstatement of equipment thus minimizing downtime