Fire Rated IBS Foam

Fire Rated IBS Foam

Product: Fire Rated IBS Foam

Product Description: Fire Rated IBS foam is a fire resistant, flexible foam strip which, when placed in joints and around service penetrations in floors and walls, will maintain the fire resistance of the separating element. Fire Rated IBS foam is mostly used in lieu of a fire-resistant sealant where the regulating authority or certifying body is apprehensive that the correct depths of sealant or mainly the correct type sealant may not have been applied by the those responsible.

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*for all TDS, SDS and general chemical make-up of descriptions of Fire Rated IBS Foam please enquire via 1800 262 383 or email

Product Code Description
118706 Foam Strip  Promaseal IBS 16mm x 150m Roll
113873 Foam Strip  Promaseal IBS 22mm x 100m Roll
118451 Foam Strip  Promaseal IBS 29mm x 60m Roll
118452 Foam Strip Promaseal IBS 38mm x 30m Roll
120400 Foam Strip Promaseal IBS 50mm x 20mm x 50m
121605 Foam Strip Promaseal IBS 100mm x 10mm x 50m


  • Up to 4 hours fire resistance
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to install
  • Allows for pipe movement
  • Approvals for control joints as well as penetration seals for metal pipes, cables and cable trays
  • Coloured for ease of identification