Product description: Elevate your building projects with the unparalleled efficiency of HY-RIB® Formwork. This state-of-the-art sacrificial formwork system is meticulously crafted to foster superior concrete adhesion and mechanical interlocking, ensuring the endurance and strength of your structural endeavors.

Specifically designed to enhance aggregate interlock, HY-RIB® allows the concrete slurry to permeate the keyjoint effectively, fortifying the bond and solidifying the overall integrity of the structure. Perfectly suited for a vast range of applications including formwork construction for joints, walls, beams, columns, and slab soffits, this formwork solution revolutionizes the building process, especially in areas where the surface finish is not a primary concern.

The unique angled tabs of the HY-RIB® expanded mesh design become embedded in the concrete, leading to a more compacted and robust joint, surpassing the performance of traditional formwork methods. This innovative system is adept for an array of construction configurations, whether double-faced, single-faced, curved structures, or even challenging underwater projects, guaranteeing considerable performance enhancements and economic advantages.

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101786 Grade 2811 0.4mm X 445mm X 2200mm 100


  • Aggregate Interlock: Achieves well-compacted concrete for lasting strength and durability.
  • Reduced Surface Preparation: Eliminates the extensive need for joint scabbling and allows uninterrupted reinforcement work.
  • Enhanced Joint Strength: Delivers joints with enhanced shear and flexural resistance.
  • Visual Monitoring: Permits precise inspection during the pour to reduce the risk of voids and honeycombing.
  • Versatility: Flexible for use in both horizontal and vertical placements within formwork construction.
  • Economic Advantage: Streamlines labor, lessens formwork pressure, and accelerates the pouring process.
  • Safety First: Minimizes the risk of Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome and construction-related injuries.
  • Reliability: Offers consistent structural properties with engineered material design.

Embrace the efficiency of HY-RIB® Formwork to experience an upsurge in productivity, with the ability to closely monitor pour progression, ensuring exceptional quality and maximized efficiency from start to finish.