Product description: Equinox contains HK Ties that are used to connect insulated concrete sandwich panels with maximum thermal performance; and Styroboard® XPS which are extruded polystyrene sheets that are strong and durable, making it an ideal product for use across a range of construction and building applications – both residential and commercial. The high-density cell structure of Styroboard® XPS also makes it practically impervious to water. The unique design
of the HK Ties enables it to pierce the insulation foam as required. HK Ties are widely used in both precast and tilt-up panel applications. The outside facade layer of concrete is poured first, the Styroboard® XPS is then placed with the ties then inserted through the insulation into the facade layer.

Danterr’s Equinox Insulated Concrete Sandwich System is unmatched on the market regarding fire testing and performance in civil applications. Danterr’s Equinox insulated Concrete Sandwich System aloows for a consistent temperature inside a facility no matter what extreme temperature ranges are transpiring outside. This saves on electricity when mass heating or cooling is required.

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Product Code Description
112579 HK Vertical-Pour Wall Ties 275mm with 2 clips
113582 HK-ST50 Standard Wall Ties 135mm
114768 HK Vertical-Pour Wall Ties 300mm with 2 clips
114950 HK Vertical-Pour Wall Ties 250mm with 2 clips
117024 HK-ST50 Standard Wall Ties 160mm


*custom thicknesses available on request

Product Code Description
114951 XPS Rigid Insulation Board 600mm x 2400mm x 50mm



  • Holds a face wythe of concrete affixed to the panel without the need for thermally inefficient metal connectors or solid concrete sections
  • High strength and low thermal conductivity
  • High-performance, alkaline resistant, engineered thermoplastic
  • In-place temperature range: -40° to 93°C

Styroboard® XPS Benefits

  • Durable and sturdy for long lasting applications
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • High compressive strength
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Long term retained R-Values
  • Australian made and manufactured
  • Environmentally friendly – HCFC free
  • KPA rating to suit every application