Product description: Sacraform™ is a preformed sacrificial formwork system that incorporates mesh and plastic to create a strong and reliable base for various structural elements under slab. Sacraform™ can be used to create safety and site privacy screens, footings, ground beams, cages, penetrations and much more.


Product Code Description
103655 Sacraform Sheet 600mm x 2250mm
103658 Sacraform Sheet 900mm x 2250mm
113842 Sacraform Sheet 1200mm x 2250mm
113843 Sacraform Sheet 1500mm x 2250mm
103654 Sacraform Sheet 1800mm x 2250mm


  • Sacrificial
  • Install requires minimal tooling
  • Conforms to irregular shapes
  • Brightly coloured for site visibility
  • Can be ordered pre-cut/bent for project ease*
  • Great for areas prone to weather extremes when pouring
  • Set and forget

*At an additional cost.