Fire Rated Sealants

Fire Rated Sealants

Product description: Fire Rated Sealants are designed to provide exceptional fire resistance and durability in concrete jointing systems. These high-performance sealants are ideal for use in joints and around service penetrations in floors and walls, ensuring robust fire protection. Promaseal and Firesound Fire Rated Sealants are available in various sizes and colors to meet diverse project requirements.

Promaseal FyreStrip comes in sizes 1000mm x 90mm x 28mm, 1000mm x 90mm x 46mm, 1000mm x 90mm x 56mm, 1000mm x 100mm x 84mm, and 1000mm x 120mm x 124mm. Promaseal Acrylic Sealant Fire Rated White and Grey, Sealant Firesound Fire Rated Grey, and Sealant Bostik Fireban One Limestone are each available in 600ml.

These sealants meet AU/NZ standards, ensuring high quality and reliability. They are designed to withstand the test of time, providing excellent durability and adaptability for both horizontal and vertical joints in demanding environments.

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*for all TDS, SDS and general chemical make-up of descriptions of Fire Rated Sealants please enquire via 1800 262 383 or email

Product Code Description Box Qty
114866 Promaseal FyreStrip 1000mm x 90mm x 28mm
114908 Promaseal FyreStrip 1000mm x 90mm x 46mm
116910 Promaseal FyreStrip 1000mm x 90mm x 56mm
116996 Promaseal FyreStrip 1000mm x 100mm x 84mm
114761 Promaseal FyreStrip 1000mm x 120mm x 124mm
119362 Promaseal Acrylic Sealant Fire Rated White 600ml 12
113619 Promaseal Acrylic Sealant Fire Rated Grey 600ml 12
111732 Sealant Firesound Fire Rated Grey 600ml 20
119511 Sealant Bostik Fireban One Limestone 600ml 20

Key features and benefits

  • Fire Resistance: Maintains the fire resistance of floors and walls for up to 4 hours.
  • Durability: Long-lasting performance in harsh conditions.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to various joint sizes and shapes.
  • Compliance: Meets AU/NZ standards for quality and safety.
  • Ease of Installation: One component, no mixing required, lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Weather Resistant: Retains its properties even after years of weather and UV exposure.
  • Acoustic Rated: Provides sound insulation.
  • Paintable: Can be painted to match surroundings.
  • Non-Staining: Does not stain surrounding materials.
  • Fungal Resistant: Does not support fungal growth.