Form Tie Plugs

Form Tie Plugs

Product description: Form-Tie Waterstops have excellent sealing capabilities and are available in many different sizes, shapes and profiles to suit the form work form-tie system to be used. It is made of high quality, non-biodegradable compounded hydrophilic rubber that provides long-term durability and integrity. The Waterstops have been tested to withstand over 50 meters of hydro static water head pressure and can withstand repeated wet-dry cycles. They have the ability to expand up to 400% when in contact with fresh water, and over 200% expansion in salt water. Furthermore, no external grout is required to fill the form-tie conduit sleeve hole after the Form-Tie Plug has been positioned so it is very easy and simple to install. It is useful to many different applications and  can be used in portable water structures, as it is non-toxic.  Custom profiles are also available upon request.

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Product Code Description Pack Qty
110978 Waterstop Form Tie Plug 22mm 100


  • Water swellable plug for perfect seal of form work spacers
  • No after treatment required
  • 100% waterproof to 6 Bar