Product description: Leakmaster Hydrophilic Gun Grade Polyurethane Waterstop can be easily applied to rough or smooth concrete surfaces, and into difficult to get at places that are a challenge for regular waterstop products. Furthermore, after hardening it has better physical properties than those of conventional putty type sealants. Because it is a moisture-cure, one component water-swelling sealant it can be easily applied with a standard caulking gun.

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101828 Leak Master 320Ml 24


  • Easy application: only requires a traditional caulking gun .
  • Physical properties: once hardened the physical properties exceed conventional putty type sealants.
  • Water-swelling: can expand up to approx. 2 times in volume as a result of its water absorption capacity.
  • Good adherence: before swelling it adheres to various materials such as concrete, metal, glass etc.