Product: Pile Cage Wheel – Standard

Product Description:  Standard Pile Cage Wheels, or circular spacers as they are also known, are an economical alternative to Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheels. They are designed for use on Pile Cages with a Spiral Wire up to 13mm in diameter. They are available in 3 size types – lightweight and standard – to provide concrete cover from 25mm to 75mm.


  • Available in various sizes to provide concrete cover from 25mm to 75mm
  • ‘Push fit’ mechanism used to secure the Pile Cage Wheel requires no tools and keeps it firmly in place.
  • In smaller diameter rebar pile cages the ‘Security Clip’ can be easily pushed into place to ensure a snug and secure hold on the frame.



Product CodeDescriptionBag QtyPallet Qty
112521Standard Pile Cage Wheel 25mm Cover – Lightweight500N/A
112522Standard Pile Cage Wheel 50mm Cover – Standard1004000
116698Standard Pile Cage Wheel 75mm Cover – Standard402160