Aliphatic Alcohol Evaporative Retardant

Aliphatic Alcohol Evaporative Retardant

Product Description: Dry / hot and windy weather often causes newly poured concrete to bleed and evaporate rather quickly making it hard to determine the correct time to finish the surface. Aliphatic Alcohol Evaporation Retardant is a water based finishing compound which controls the evaporation of bleed water, thus improving the quality of the concrete surface.

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101677 Evencure Aa Evaporation Retardant 20L 1
101676 Evencure Aa Evaporation Retardant 200L 1
107217 Evencure Aa Evaporation Retardant 1000L 1


  • Water based
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Controlled water evaporation dramatically improves the quality of the concrete
  • Reduces the chance of dusting
  • Reduces plastic shrinkage
  • Eliminates the need for extra water during hot weather pours