Fibreglass Deformed Reinforcing Bar

Fibreglass Deformed Reinforcing Bar

What is GFRP Reinforcement?

GFRP, or Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer, is the next-generation choice in reinforcement. Crafted meticulously, Danterr’s GFRP reinforcement, commonly known as fibreglass rebar, stands as a high-strength alternative to conventional steel. With fibres of premium quality glass woven into a resilient fabric, the bars are then saturated with polymers to take on a robust, round shape.

Why Danterr’s GFRP Reinforcement is the Choice for You:

  1. Corrosion-Proof: Fibreglass reinforcement promises an extended structural life with its unrivalled resistance to corrosion, ensuring your projects last longer without succumbing to rust.
  2. Lightweight Yet Mighty: Our GFRP reinforced bars weigh merely a fraction, up to 1/7th, of traditional steel bars, yet they can be twice as robust, making them easier to transport and place without compromising on strength.
  3. Labour & Cost Efficient: Benefit from up to 75% freight savings and estimated labour reductions of 1 man-hour per tonne of steel replaced.
  4. Safety First: With workers handling significantly less weight, the risk of repetitive lifting injuries and strains is significantly diminished.
  5. Electrical Non-conductivity: GFRP does not conduct electricity, making it an ideal choice for projects like light rail or tram slabs.

Common Applications: From pavements, parking lots, and footpaths to specialized rail, tram, and light rail slabs, GFRP fibreglass reinforcement from Danterr is revolutionizing the way we think about rebar.

Considering the longevity, weight savings, and unparalleled strength, isn’t it time you switched to Danterr’s GFRP reinforced bars? With fibreglass rebar, you’re not just building structures; you’re ensuring they stand the test of time.


Product Code Description Dimensions


Deformed Bar Fibreglass 8mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Fibreglass

10mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Fibreglass

12mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Fibreglass

16mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Fibreglass

20mm x 6000mm


Deformed Bar Fibreglass

24mm x 6000mm


  • Can be up to twice as strong as traditional steel reinforcement
  • Can be up to 1/7ththe weight of traditional steel reinforcement
  • Labour savings estimated at 1 man-hour per tonne of steel replaced
  • Up to 75% freight savings due to weight
  • Extended structure life as Fibreglass Reo will never corrode
  • Reduced injury; workers will carry and place 7X less weight per job, reducing repetitive lifting injuries and other bodily strain.


  • Pavements
  • Parking Lots
  • Rail, Tram and Light Rail Slabs
  • Footpaths