Zemdrain MD 1
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Product description: Due to the poor quality of traditional concrete surfaces, visible damage to the concrete often occurs after just a few years. The use of Zemdrain® modifies the surface characteristics of the concrete which considerably improves all concrete properties increasing quality and durability. Zemdrain promotes the increase of density in surface concrete.

Zemdrain® controlled permeability formliners (CPF) considerably improve the quality of the concrete surfaces of vertical and inclined walls. The low water / cement ratio, virtually blowhole free concrete surface produced by Zemdrain® is uncontaminated by release agent residues. Thus, the concrete has an increased service life expectancy with reduced maintenance requirements.


  • Smooth to slightly textured, white surface (concrete side)
  • Rear side (formwork side) with special draining grid
  • Roll dimensions: Width 2.5 m and length 35 m
  • Very economic because of the possibility of repeated use (2 – 3 times), simple and quick assembly
  • High water storage capacity, therefore also suited for inclined or horizontal surfaces


Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
116772Zemdrain MD 2.5m x 35.0m Roll1