Concrete Rail Spacers

Concrete Rail Spacers

Product description: To ensure reinforced concrete structures maintain their longevity, it’s important to have the correct amount of concrete cover. This is where fibre concrete spacers come into play, as they offer accurate concrete cover during concreting. These spacers boast a high compressive strength and exceptional resistance to chemical and physical factors. They meet AS2425 compliance and undergo rigorous testing by NATA accredited Laboratories.

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  • High load-bearing capacity: Concrete spacers are made of high-strength concrete ensuring the longterm stability and durability of the structure.
  • Temperature resistance: Concrete spacers are typically designed to resist deformation in extreme
    temperatures, helping to maintain the integrity of the structure over time.
  • Accurate positioning: Concrete spacers come in different sizes to ensure that the reinforcing steel is
    accurately positioned within the concrete, which helps to prevent hairline cracks and other structural
  • Large support area: The use of concrete spacers distributes the load of the concrete over a larger area,
    reducing the pressure on the formwork and minimizing the risk of damage or deformation.
  • Reduced labor costs: Concrete spacers are easy to install, which can help to reduce labor costs and
    simplify the installation process.


Size (mm) 900 x 75 x 50
Length (mm) 900
Height (mm) 75
Width (mm) 50
Size (mm) 900 x 75 x 50
Product weight 7.75kg
Spacers per pallet 116