Duct Tape

Duct Tape

Product description: Our duct tape is more than just adhesive; it’s a tool built for the rigours of the construction site. Designed with a strong grip, it plays a critical role in organising temporary wiring, preventing accidents and disruptions. Its effectiveness shines when joining plastic sheeting in concrete formwork, ensuring a firm and lasting bond.

Facing unexpected site issues like minor pipe leaks or sudden gaps? This duct tape offers a temporary yet robust solution, providing a barrier against elements until a more permanent fix is applied. And when the job gets messy, it serves as a dependable shield for surfaces against spills or debris. With our duct tape on hand, you’re not just completing tasks, but ensuring they’re executed with precision and durability.

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Product Code Description
104300 Tape Duct 48mm x 30m – Silver



  • Temporary Wiring Management: Secure and organize temporary wiring and cables, reducing tripping hazards and ensuring damage prevention.
  • Joining Plastic Sheeting: Its prime application in concrete formwork makes joining plastic sheeting a breeze.
  • Temporary Hole Patching: Instantly cover small holes or gaps in walls, roofs, or other surfaces. Keep out debris, pests, or adverse weather until permanent repairs are in place.
  • Emergency Pipe Repairs: Address minor pipe leaks promptly, preventing water damage until full plumbing repairs are scheduled.
  • Sealing Temporary Enclosures: Perfectly seal temporary enclosures like construction tents or barriers, ensuring protection against unpredictable weather and dust.
  • Quick Surface Protection: Defend surfaces from spills, debris, or paint splatters during intense construction activities.
  • Pipe Lagging and Wrapping: Enhance the lifespan of your pipes by ensuring they’re well-wrapped and lagged.
  • Securing Insulation: Never let insulation materials shift or fall during construction. Duct tape ensures they stay right where they should be.