Product Description: XYPEX MEGAMIX I is a thin parge coat for the waterproofing and resurfacing of vertical concrete surfaces, as a cap coat for Xypex Concentrate, or as an architectural rendering. Megamix I is a unique blend of Portland cement, treated silica sand, fibres and proprietary chemicals. It is mixed with Xycrylic Admix to produce an enhanced bond. Megamix I is applied by brush or trowel up to a thickness of 10 mm. The high-performance characteristics of Megamix I are enhanced by Xypex’s unique crystalline waterproofing and protection technology.

NOTE: For patching or resurfacing deteriorated concrete, requiring a thicker application (between 10 mm to 50 mm) please contact Danterr about Megamix II.

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*for Megamix I TDS and SDS please contact Danterr via 1800 262 383

Product Code Product Description
118129 Xypex Megamix I 20Kg


  • Excellent adhesion and bond to concrete substrates
  • Easy to apply
  • Fibre reinforced
  • Reduced surface absorption
  • Provides good surface for painting or as a final finished surface