Bituthene® 5000

Bituthene® 5000

Product description: Bituthene® 5000 is a composite membrane incorporating high performance moisture and water-resistant rubberised asphalt with tough, puncture and heat-resistant polypropylene reinforcing mesh. Specially developed for use under a hot applied asphalt concrete wearing course.

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Product Code Description Quantity
110585 Bituthene® 5000 1.0m x 20m Roll 1 per carton
113631 Bituthene® 5000 80mm x 20m Roll 12 per carton
111718 Bituthene® 5000 100mm x 20m Roll 10 per carton
117490 Bituthene® 5000 120mm x 20m Roll 8 per carton
111853 Bituthene® 5000 150mm x 20m Roll 6 per carton
114887 Bituthene® 5000 200mm x 20m Roll 5 per carton
113088 Bituthene® 5000 215mm x 20m Roll 4 per carton
110635 Bituthene® 5000 250mm x 20m Roll 4 per carton
113125 Bituthene® 5000 300mm x 20m Roll 3 per carton
115314 Bituthene® 5000 350mm x 20m Roll 2 per carton
113693 Bituthene® 5000 370mm x 20m Roll 2 per carton
113694 Bituthene® 5000 400mm x 20m Roll 2 per carton
113345 Bituthene® 5000 450mm x 20m Roll 2 per carton
113695 Bituthene® 5000 470mm x 20m Roll 2 per carton
113648 Bituthene® 5000 500mm x 20m Roll 2 per carton
110586 Bituthene® Solvent Primer 20L 1 required per 120m2 of Bituthene® Tape


Cold applied — no heating or hot bitumen bedding adhesive required, self-adhesive overlaps provide continuity.
Flexible — easily applied, conforms to changes in profile, accommodates shrinkage cracks up to 0.6mm.
Robust — accepts road-laying machinery.
Preformed — guaranteed thickness, not subject to site variation.
Mesh reinforced — provides dimensional stability and resistance to damage.
Rubber/bitumen — self-adhesive, elastic compound provides bonding and transmission of braking forces to substrate, allows healing of small punctures.