Product: Pile Cage Wheel – Heavy Duty

Product Description:  Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheels, or circular spacers as they are also known, are designed to provide correct concrete cover to pile cage reinforcement bars. They are particularly suited to Raked Pile application where concrete spacers may have been previously used. These Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheels can be attached as the pile cage is lowered into the ground. Their performance as an accurate guide is maximised by their ‘Push Fit’ and ‘Security Clip’ secure fixing mechanisms.


  • Available in various sizes to provide concrete cover from 25mm to 100mm
  • ‘Push fit’ mechanism used to secure the Pile Cage Wheel requires no tools and keeps it firmly in place.
  • In smaller diameter rebar pile cages the ‘Security Clip’ can be easily pushed into place to ensure a snug and secure hold on the frame.



Product CodeDescriptionBag QtyPallet Qty
112517Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 25mm Cover2508000
112518Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 35mm Cover2006000
106931Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 40mm Cover1003600
112332Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 50mm Cover602880
112519Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 65mm Cover402400
107857Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 75mm Cover301440
112520Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 80mm Cover25900
108129Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 85mm Cover251050
106873Heavy Duty Pile Cage Wheel 100mm Cover30810