Coloured Sealer

Product: Coloured Sealer
Product Description: Prime Exposure Coloured Sealer Concrete Sealer will help protect your concrete from damaging mould, stains, moss and algae, as well as repelling dirt, grime and oil. It is also UV resistant and blended especially for Australian conditions. The application of this pre-tinted product can give new life to old, worn concrete.


  • Pre-tinted acrylic concrete sealer
  • Available in 20L Drum
  • Standard Range of Colours available
  • Slip Resistance
  • Colour match available


Product CodeDescriptionPack Qty
101421Colour Sealers Charcoal 20L1
101426Colour Sealers Sandstone 20L1
101414Colour Sealers Black 20L1
101415Colour Sealers Bluestone 20L1
101431Colour Sealers Light Grey 20L1
111695Colour Sealers Woodlands 20L1
111696Colour Sealers Peppercorn 20L1
111697Colour Sealers Wallaby 20L1
111698Colour Sealers Jasper 20L1
111699Colour Sealers Grey 20L1
111700Colour Sealers Flint 20L1
111701Colour Sealers Basalt 20L1
111702Colour Sealers Papyrus 20L1
111703Colour Sealers Dune 20L1
111704Colour Sealers Evening Haze 20L1
111705Colour Sealers Brick Red 20L1
101423Colour Sealers Paperbark 20L1
111706Colour Sealers Cove 20L1
111707Colour Sealers Burgundy 20L1
111708Colour Sealers Green 20L1
111709Colour Sealers Dark Terracotta 20L1
111710Colour Sealers Classic Cream 20L1
111711Colour Sealers Terracotta 20L1
111712Colour Sealers Limestone 20L1