Expansion Caps

Expansion Caps

Product description: Expansion caps are 75mm long plastic caps designed to cap round dowels in concrete joints. Each cap contains an internal mould fluting which compresses with the movement of the dowel thus keeping the cap in place. The multi-fitting cap end design allows for standard diameters of round dowels to all be accommodated in just two sizes of caps – 10mm – 16mm, and 16mm – 50mm.

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Product Code Description Pack Qty
114742 Expansion Caps for dowels 10mm – 16mm 100
101686 Expansion Caps for dowels 16mm – 50mm 100


  • Caps supplied in the closed position
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Cap opens to accommodate larger dowels
  • Promote dowel alignment
  • Inexpensive alternative to full dowel sleeves