Dowel Cradles

Dowel Cradles

Dowel Cradles are prefabricated load transfer systems that are placed at perfect heights and centres then left in place prior to a pour. Dowel Cradles are designed to ensure load transfer in the construction of contraction joints. They can be made to suit any size or shape dowels and plates as to meet the requirements of any application.
Dowel Cradles allow for slab movement thereby eliminating the major cause of shrinkage cracks in joints as well as reducing the vertical displacement of the slab. Systems consist of a positioning wire cradle and load transfer apparatus. Dowels and sleeves are balanced by the cradle, aligned perfectly as specified and suspended in position awaiting the pour. This ensures exact spacing, positing and alignment of each individual dowel and sleeve. The wire cradle is engineered to set the height of the dowel in the slab together with the distances between the centres of each dowel.


Danterr supply all manner from three recognised ™ manufacturers in the aim of satisfying any requirement. Danterr also has the resources to custom make Dowel Cradles when required to again meet any requirement


  • Direct steel contact allows superior load deflection control
  • Creates a lateral and longitudinal movement void
  • Reduces the risk of restraint
  • Provides fast and accurate horizontal and vertical placement
  • Prefabricated leave-in-place cages, for positioning dowels at the correct height and spacing in the slab
  • Light, quick and easy installation
  • Dowel spacing is correctly maintained without the need of additional measurement or adjustment