The Danterr culture is cultivated by a community and employee first philosophy.

Since the company’s inception, Danterr has always invested in its people ensuring that each and every person who works at Danterr understands just how valuable they are to the organisation as a whole.

Daniel and Terry McWhirter are well-known as being big supporters of the community and charities, mentoring people and giving back wherever they can. This leadership style extends to the people that work at Danterr and gives them the basic principles and values in which the company was founded.

Areas in which Danterr’s culture gives employees a great place to work include:

  • Open door policy: All employees are encouraged to speak to any level of management when they need to without having to book appointments.
  • Kindness comes first: Being kind and considerate across all areas of the organisation is a basic fundamental of how each employee operates.
  • Investment in training and development: We take developing our people seriously and as such our training and development on products and best practices is second to none.
  • Communities are important to the fabric of our business: We see the entire community as part of our family, and as such we employ people who actively demonstrate care for our community; volunteering and showing kindness and generosity to everyone.
  • Respect: Everyone shows respect to each other and any third-party that we encounter.
  • Equal opportunity: The best person for the job – period.
  • Health, safety and wellbeing: Instrumental to Danterr is ensuring that everyone is working in a healthy and safe environment, and that their wellbeing comes first.

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