Product description:Discover the ultimate range of dowel solutions tailored for modern construction needs. Our product lineup includes Galvanised Dowels, Stainless Steel Dowels, and Fibreglass Dowels, designed to meet and exceed the requirements of project engineers and site engineers in various construction environments.

Galvanised Dowels – Engineered for Durability and Economy Our Galvanised Dowels offer an exceptional blend of durability and cost-effectiveness, ideal for sustaining structural integrity in challenging environments. The hot-dip galvanizing process ensures each dowel is coated with a layer of zinc, providing robust protection against corrosion and extending the lifespan of your constructions. This economical choice delivers long-term savings, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs​​​​.

Stainless Steel Dowels – Superior Strength and Corrosion Resistance Stainless Steel Dowels stand out for their remarkable strength and resistance to corrosion, crucial for ensuring the longevity and reliability of your projects. The intrinsic properties of stainless steel, enhanced by the addition of chromium, create a protective barrier against environmental aggressors, making these dowels a trustworthy choice for critical applications where durability is paramount​​.

Fibreglass (GFRP) Dowels – Innovative, Lightweight, and Corrosion-Free For projects where weight and corrosion resistance are major concerns, our Fibreglass Dowels offer an innovative solution. Made from high-quality fibreglass, these dowels are a quarter the weight of their steel counterparts, facilitating easier handling and installation. They are non-corrosive, non-magnetic, and provide thermal insulation, making them ideal for applications requiring electromagnetic neutrality and minimal thermal bridging

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Danterr Capabilities

  • All enquires on any finish in all dimensions and lengths can be accommodated
  • Easy to cut to required sizes


Galvanised Dowels

Product Code Description
106856 Dowel R16 x 300mm Galvanised
110278 Dowel R16 x 350mm Galvanised
105192 Dowel R16 x 400mm Galvanised
109284 Dowel R16 x 600mm Galvanised
106108 Dowel R20 x 300mm Galvanised
106109 Dowel R20 x 400mm Galvanised
106995 Dowel R20 x 450mm Galvanised
107370 Dowel R20 x 600mm Galvanised
107229 Dowel R20 x 700mm Galvanised
108358 Dowel R20 x 800mm Galvanised
110754 Dowel R24 x 350mm Galvanised
112837 Dowel R24 x 400mm Galvanised
107323 Dowel R24 x 450mm Galvanised
108062 Dowel R24 x 600mm Galvanised
107068 Dowel R28 x 240mm Galvanised
106488 Dowel R28 x 400mm Galvanised
109336 Dowel R28 x 450mm Galvanised
109695 Dowel R28 x 600mm Galvanised
110626 Dowel R30 x 240mm Galvanised
111064 Dowel R30 x 450mm Galvanised
110127 Dowel R30 x 600mm Galvanised
113773 Dowel R32 x 300mm Galvanised
107069 Dowel R32 x 450mm Galvanised
107910 Dowel R36 x 450mm Galvanised
111281 Dowel R36 x 600mm Galvanised

Stainless Dowels 304 Grade

Product Code Description
108534 Dowel R16 x 300mm Stainless 304
111801 Dowel R16 x 400mm Stainless 304
112340 Dowel R16 x 1000mm Stainless 304
111020 Dowel R20 x 280mm Stainless 304
107972 Dowel R20 x 300mm Stainless 304
107473 Dowel R20 x 400mm Stainless 304
107539 Dowel R20 x 450mm Stainless 304
107540 Dowel R20 x 600mm Stainless 304
113591 Dowel R25 x 400mm Stainless 304
112435 Dowel R25 x 450mm Stainless 304
112946 Dowel R28 x 600mm Stainless 304
111724 Dowel R28 x 800mm Stainless 304
111776 Dowel R28 x 1000mm Stainless 304
110276 Dowel R30 x 500mm Stainless 304
110984 Dowel R30 x 600mm Stainless 304
110597 Dowel R30 x 800mm Stainless 304
112327 Dowel R36 x 450mm Stainless 304

Stainless Dowels 316 Grade

Product Code Description
113366 Dowel R20 x 150mm Stainless 316
111284 Dowel R20 x 400mm Stainless 316
111648 Dowel R20 x 450mm Stainless 316
112897 Dowel R20 x 500mm Stainless 316
111275 Dowel R20 x 600mm Stainless 316
109501 Dowel R20 x 800mm Stainless 316
110902 Dowel R30 x 500mm Stainless 316
113429 Dowel R30 x 600mm Stainless 316
111116 Dowel R36 x 450mm Stainless 316
110919 Dowel R36 x 500mm Stainless 316

Fibreglass Dowels

Product Code Description
127447 Dowel R16 x 300mm Fibreglass
130187 Dowel R20 x 300mm Fibreglass


  • Economic Efficiency: Galvanised dowels are noted for their cost-effectiveness, offering lower initial and lifecycle costs.
  • Durability: Stainless steel and galvanised options provide a tough coating that resists mechanical damage and wear, ensuring the longevity of your constructions.
  • Low Maintenance: With minimal upkeep required, our dowels save time and resources, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your project.
  • Versatile Applications: Whether it’s for concrete slabs, pavements, or structural reinforcements, our dowels adapt to a wide range of construction needs.
  • Environmental Resistance: Each material, from galvanised to fibreglass, is chosen for its ability to withstand corrosive environments, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.