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Product description: Danterr are the proud distributors of the Nevosafe™ rebar capping system. A unique product, the Nevosafe™ system has an engineered steel core that protects workers from potentially fatal impalement and ensures that your site is always presentable.

The Nevosafe™ safety strip is brightly coloured and can be put on in as little as 7 seconds!

Our safety strip is available in 1 metre lengths and has been tested to prevent impalement from a fall of a man of up to 100kg falling from 3m. Unlike other safety caps, Nevosafe™ is a premium safety product that can be reused on multiple jobs or Highrise levels.

The elongated safety design also allows for work to be completed on the other side of the rebar, while a worker is leaning over the strip.

*Also available in steel-reinforced safety caps.

*As stated within the EMPA TEST CERTIFICATE 460’ 353/2 FROM 9TH MAY 2012

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