Product description: Danterr is the exclusive distributor of the innovative Nevosafe™ rebar capping system, a leader in worksite safety equipment. Designed with an industrial-grade steel core, Nevosafe™ offers unparalleled protection, preventing fatal accidents and ensuring full compliance with stringent safety regulations.

Quick to deploy, the highly-visible Nevosafe™ safety strip can be securely attached in under 7 seconds, providing instant safety to any construction environment. Our commitment to worksite efficiency and safety is reflected in every 1-meter length of this premium, reusable safety strip. Engineered to withstand the weight of an adult up to 100kg from a 3-meter fall, Nevosafe™ sets the standard for impalement protection in the construction industry.

Nevosafe™ isn’t just a safety measure—it’s a durable investment. Its robustness allows for repeated use across multiple job sites or Highrise levels, offering economic efficiency without compromising safety. The unique elongated design facilitates uninterrupted work, even on the opposite side of the rebar, allowing workers the confidence to lean over and focus on the task at hand.

Available also with steel-reinforced safety caps, Nevosafe™ has been rigorously tested and certified, meeting the esteemed EMPA TEST CERTIFICATE standards (460′ 353/2 dated 9th May 2012). Choose Nevosafe™ for a safety-first approach that upholds both the wellbeing of your crew and the integrity of your project.

Transform your construction site’s safety protocol with Nevosafe™. Danterr delivers the tools you need for peace of mind on every level. Contact us to elevate your construction site’s safety standards today.

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Product Code Description Pack Qty
104094 Nevosafe Rebar Safety Strip 1m 6
P104094 Nevosafe Rebar Safey Strip 1m – Pallet buy 252


  • Unique rebar capping system
  • 1m length
  • Can cap from 8-40mm rebar
  • Steel core for added protection
  • Safety test of 100kg from a height of 3m
  • Prevent impalement
  • Reusable & easy to install
  • Customize with company /project name
  • Highly visible colour
  • Robust & weather resistant
  • Can be applied in horizontal or vertical applications