Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus

Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus

Product description: Triple7 Dust Suppression Plus is a bio-based chemical developed as a cost effective, plant based dust suppressant agent. The innovative binding characteristics provide long-term dust control with a single application.


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  • 1:100 – 1 L diluted covers 1m2 (10ml of actual chem = 1m2)
  • 1 IBC Covers 100 000m2
  • Highly concentrated
    • less stock levels
    • not paying to ship/ store water
  • Equated to less than 5 cents per m2 if fully diluted
  • Binds particles together
  • Long-term dust control with continuous applications fortnightly for the first 3 months, monthly after that, adapt on case-to-case
  • Applied using common road watering equipment
  • Plant based


  • Safe for Your Workers and Our Environment
  • Non-hazardous & non-corrosive
  • Super wetting functionality provides optimum performance
  • Provides binding of dust after initial moisture from the application has dried