Backing Rod

Product description: Backing Rod is a versatile and essential component for joint sealant applications, designed to provide a reliable backing for cold-applied sealants in expansion and construction joints. Made from compressible, closed-cell polyolefin foam, this gap filler rod ensures an even depth and shape for the sealant, promoting a strong and lasting bond. It prevents sealant from adhering to the bottom of joints, allowing it to function as a bond breaker.

Available in various sizes, Backing Rod conforms to AU/NZ standards for quality and performance. The sizes include 6mm x 250m, 10mm x 200m, 13mm x 100m, 15mm x 100m, 20mm x 60m, 25mm x 50m, 30mm x 50m, 40mm x 2m, and 50mm x 2m. Its compressible nature allows it to fit snugly into joints, preventing sealant sagging and ensuring optimal performance.

The closed-cell structure provides excellent dimensional stability, resistance to most chemicals, and rot-proof properties. It is non-toxic, odourless, and does not adhere to sealants, making it highly durable with excellent aging characteristics.

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Product Code Description Pack Qty
106237 Backing Rod Closed Cell 6mm x 250m White 6
113091 Backing Rod Closed Cell 10mm x 200m White 5
112734 Backing Rod Closed Cell 13mm x 100m White 5
113696 Backing Rod Closed Cell 15mm x 100m White 4
102155 Backing Rod Closed Cell 20mm x 60m White 3
106239 Backing Rod Closed Cell 25mm x 50m White 3
101502 Backing Rod Closed Cell 30mm x 50m White 2
110166 Backing Rod Closed Cell 40mm x 2m White 80
108054 Backing Rod Closed Cell 50mm x 2m White 50

Key features and benefits

  • Compressibility: Ensures a snug fit in various joint widths.
  • Durability: Offers long-lasting performance in diverse environmental conditions.
  • Flexibility: Easy to handle and install, ideal for a range of applications.
  • Compliance: Meets AU/NZ standards for quality and reliability.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of construction and expansion joints.
  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to most chemicals, ensuring longevity.
  • Non-Toxic and Odourless: Safe for use in various environments.
  • Aging Characteristics: Maintains performance over time without degradation.