Paddle Mixer and Grout Pump

Paddle Mixer and Grout Pump

Product Description: For large size grouting jobs we recommend using a grout pump – either PA-BEC I, PA-BEC II or PA-BEC V. Danterr supply all models of both mixers and pumps together with all cleaning, maintenance and extension accessories.


*please contact Danterr for all enquires relating to models PA-BEC I and PA-BEC II and all accessories

Product Code Product Description
117246 Grout Pump PA-BEC V easy
117248 Pan Mixer 100L PA-BEC V easy
117249 Maintenance and Cleaning Set PA-BEC V easy
117250 Consistency Equipment PA-BEC V easy
117251 Mortar Hose DN 50-20m SK 50 VT/MT – PA-BEC V easy
117252 Mortar Hose DN 50-10m SK 50 VT/MT – PA-BEC V easy
117253 Cleaning Hose 15m with Nozzle 1/2″ – PA-BEC V easy
117254 Extension Lead 25m – PA-BEC V easy
117255 High Pressure Water Hose 20m – 3/4″ – PA-BEC V easy
117256 Reserve Worm Case – PA-BEC V easy
117257 Reserve Worm – PA-BEC V easy
117258 Reserve Conveyor Worm – PA-BEC V easy



  • ⦁ Allow efficient, continuous processing with high capacity, thereby generating outstanding economic viability