Key Joints

Product description: Key Joints are part of a metal joint system which qualifies loads to be transferred between adjacent slabs while allowing horizontal movement and limiting differential deflection. Key Joints are self-supporting and height adjustable utilising a stake system and are also compatible with temporary or permanent capping profiles.

Key Joints are sold in 3m lengths of varying heights with stakes included. Capping and Rip-A-Strip sold separately.

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Product Code Description
101802 Key Joint 100mm x 3.0m – Includes Pegs & Wedges
101794 Key Joint 125mm x 3.0m – Includes Pegs & Wedges
101795 Key Joint 150mm x 3.0m – Includes Pegs & Wedges
101803 Key Joint 200mm x 3.0m – Includes Pegs & Wedges
101801 Key Joint 250mm x 3.0m – Includes Pegs & Wedges
115329 Key Joint 300mm x 3.0m – Includes Pegs & Wedges


  • Allows lateral movement between the slabs while limiting differential deflection between the slabs
  • Tighter key taper, giving less differential deflection than competing systems
  • Preformed internal joints which allows for continuous concrete placement
  • Simple installation using stake system
  • Knock-outs provide for placement of square dowels (round dowels can also be used if specified)
  • Companion capping available for recesses of 3mm to 10mm
  • Rip-a-strip can be added for easy placement
  • Has a rigid top edge
  • A system that saves time and money