Product: Wire Bar Chairs
Product Description:  Wire Bar Chairs, or wire spacers as they are also known, are used to support reinforcing mesh and bar when laying concrete slabs or formwork. These Wire Bar Chairs are designed to be very stable as the 2 pieces of high strength wire are welded together in factory to make a consistent 4-leg chair. The ends of the wire legs are coated with plastic to prevent corrosion, which if it occurs can cause ‘concrete cancer’ and severely compromise the integrity of the entire reinforced concrete structure.


  • Various heights available from 20mm to 400mm.
  • Custom sizes and modifications available on request
  • Plastic coated legs protect against corrosion and subsequent concrete failure
  • Factory-made to ensure uniform shape and dimension of the chairs is always achieved


Product CodeDescriptionBag QtyPallet Qty
108013Bar Chairs Metal 20mm with Plastic Tips100300
106127Bar Chairs Metal 25mm with Plastic Tips100260
107469Bar Chairs Metal 30mm with Plastic Tips100260
109576Bar Chairs Metal 40mm with Plastic Tips100260
107680Bar Chairs Metal 50mm with Plastic Tips100260
112496Bar Chairs Metal 65mm with Plastic Tips100200
112497Bar Chairs Metal 75mm with Plastic Tips100200
112498Bar Chairs Metal 80mm with Plastic Tips100200
108891Bar Chairs Metal 90mm with Plastic Tips100200
110569Bar Chairs Metal 100mm with Plastic Tips100200
107523Bar Chairs Metal 110mm with Plastic Tips50200
107524Bar Chairs Metal 120mm with Plastic Tips50200
109369Bar Chairs Metal 130mm with Plastic Tips50200
107904Bar Chairs Metal 140mm with Plastic Tips50200
108012Bar Chairs Metal 150mm with Plastic Tips50200
108138Bar Chairs Metal 160mm with Plastic Tips50200
107805Bar Chairs Metal 170mm with Plastic Tips50200
108130Bar Chairs Metal 180mm with Plastic Tips50200
107806Bar Chairs Metal 190mm with Plastic Tips50200
101506Bar Chairs Metal 200mm with Plastic Tips25180
111122Bar Chairs Metal 210mm with Plastic Tips25180
107894Bar Chairs Metal 220mm with Plastic Tips25180
107711Bar Chairs Metal 230mm with Plastic Tips25180
108137Bar Chairs Metal 240mm with Plastic Tips25180
107089Bar Chairs Metal 250mm with Plastic Tips25180
107817Bar Chairs Metal 260mm with Plastic Tips25180
112499Bar Chairs Metal 270mm with Plastic Tips25180
101512Bar Chairs Metal 280mm with Plastic Tips25180
107818Bar Chairs Metal 290mm with Plastic Tips25180
107786Bar Chairs Metal 300mm with Plastic Tips25180
107874Bar Chairs Metal 320mm with Plastic Tips25150
107785Bar Chairs Metal 340mm with Plastic Tips25150
101507Bar Chairs Metal 360mm with Plastic Tips25150
112500Bar Chairs Metal 380mm with Plastic Tips25150
101508Bar Chairs Metal 400mm with Plastic Tips25150