Purasolve SE

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Product: Purasolve SE

Product description: Purasolve SE is a 100% plant-based formulation with high solvency power which is environmentally responsible and user-safe. This industrial solvent is designed to assist in releasing and removing of clay. Purasolve SE is also the ideal solvent for removing tar, gum, adhesives, grease, oil, ink and paint.

Purasolve SE can be used neat to loosen both organic and inorganic soiling including heavy grease and adhesives, or used with other plant-based solvents or Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate for more effective cleaning. 


Product Code Description Pack Qty
114752 Purasolve SE 20L 1
114753 Purasolve SE 200L 1


  • 100% Plant Based
  • Does not fade paintwork
  • Safe for users, vehicles and the environment
  • Contains NO acid, caustic or corrosive ingredients
  • Improves efficiency and speed on site
  • Eliminates clay / soil hang up in buckets or equipment
  • Ideal for use in food processes, petroleum industry, printing applications, transportation, marine, aerospace and industrial applications

1 review for Purasolve SE

  1. James MacAlpine

    Dwayne was very helpful in finding a solution to our excavation problem that involved saturated clay material sticking to the inside of the excavator bucket. Our productivity was reduced to 2/3 of what is possible with a clean bucket.

    The trial product Purasolve SE supplied by Danterr was applied to the inside of the bucket after it was cleaned with a shovel, additional coats were added when the operator went on break (approx. every 3-4 hrs) using approximately 100ml a day. This resulted in a clean bucket and an increased efficiency.

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