MBT Couplers

MBT Couplers

Product: MBT Couplers

Product Description: MBT couplers do not require bar end preparation to form threads, nor is bar rotation required to complete installation. The bars are supported within the coupler by two serrated saddles. As a series of lockshear bolts are tightened to a predetermined torque, they are embedded into the bar. Whilst this is in occurrence, the saddles of the coupler bite into both the bar and the shell of the coupler. Installation is complete when the heads of all bolts are sheared off. MBT couplers can be used to join imperial, plain round or deformed reinforcing bars.

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*for MBT Coupler’s TDS and complete installation guide, please contact Danterr via 1800 262 383 sales@danterr.com

113977 Coupler MBT Ancon For N12  MBT12C
113978 Coupler MBT Ancon For N16  MBT16C
114515 Coupler MBT Ancon For N20 MBT20C
113912 Coupler MBT Ancon For N24  MBT24C
113911 Coupler MBT Ancon For N28  MBT28C
113910 Coupler MBT Ancon For N32 MBT32C
112328 Coupler MBT Ancon For N36 MBT36C
119469 Coupler MBT Ancon For N40 MBT40C



  • HAPAS (Highway Authority Product Approval Scheme) Certificate 15/H240 and BBA Agrément Certificate 16/5300 (Sizes 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40)
  • DIBt Approval No. Z-1.5-10. (Sizes 10 – 28)
  • MBT couplers are approved for use on RMS (formerly RTA) contracts.
  • MBT couplers have been tested to show compliance with the following design codes: BS5400, BS8110, ACI 318 and DIN 1045 German Code.