ActiveEco Concrete Wash

ActiveEco Concrete Wash

Product: ActiveEco Concrete Wash

Product description: ActiveEco Concrete Wash is a deep penetrating cleaner specifically formulated to safely remove a variety of organic and non-organic soiling including mildew, rust stains, mineral deposits, calcification, grease and dirt from all masonry surfaces. It buffs the surface making it the perfect choice of cleaner before applying a surfaces sealer.


Product Code Description
120131 ActiveEco Concrete Wash & Buffer 5L
120132 ActiveEco Concrete Wash & Buffer 15L
121216 ActiveEco Concrete Wash & Buffer 1000L


  • Radical Cleaning Strength. High caustic content provides powerful deep cleaning of concrete and other resilient surfaces.
  • Penetration – A high tech chemical formulation provides top cleaning performances on a wide spectrum of soil types.
  • Wide Spectrum – ActiveEco Concrete Wash & Buffer works with special distinction on oily and greasy soils, carbon build-ups and organic soiling. Also removed rust stains, calcification, grime and dirt.
  • Low Acid / Safer Use – the low-acid formulation provides a deeper penetration and more thorough clean even though it is not as acidic as many similar products on the market, making it safer to use.
  • Ultra-Concentrate meaning highly economical dilution ratios.