Rectangle Mesh

Rectangle Mesh

Product description: Danterr stocks 500mpa steel reinforcing mesh suitable for use in a variety of applications. L grade ribbed wires (D500L) are welded together with equal spacing in both directions to form square apertures.

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Product Code Description Dimensions
116981 Reo Mesh RL718 2400mm x 6000mm
113983 Reo Mesh RL818 2400mm x 6000mm
116982 Reo Mesh RL918 2400mm x 6000mm
107895 Reo Mesh RL1118 2400mm x 6000mm
101947 Reo Mesh RL1218 2400mm x 6000mm


  • Ribbed profile improves bondage to concrete
  • Reinforcing mesh minimises concrete cracking that may occur as a result of concrete shrinkage
  • Suitable for most concrete applications
  • Easy to cut
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Different grades of steel available